Bungie Sheds More Light on Destiny Festival of the Lost

As Festival of the Lost draws near, Activision and Bungie have shed more light on Destiny‘s latest limited time event, which is expected to commence on Tuesday, October 25 at 2am PT.

Word comes by way of Bungie’s official blog, confirming that both The Reef and Iron Temple will be overhauled to conicide with the Halloween celebrations. Much like last year, Guardians will be able to partake in trick-or-treating, while all Crucible matches will be played under the cover of darkness (read: nighttime settings) until November 8. Expect plenty of new masks, emotes and shaders to become available, too, while players can also look forward to an all-new emblem called Resurrectionist.

The Reef and Iron Temple will be transformed for the celebrations along with the Tower, and for the duration of the Festival all Crucible matches will be played at night. You’ll also see plenty of treats, including Festival themed quests, new Gifts of the Lost, new masks, new emotes, shaders, and emblems, new exotic weapon ornaments, and a lot more.

Destiny Festival of the Lost will kick off in earnest come Tuesday, October 25 at 2am PT, and run through until Tuesday, November 8. We’ll keep you posted if and when Bungie details the official patch notes.

[Source: Bungie]