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Journey Dev thatgamecompany Unveils First Teasers for Next Project

Almost half a decade on from the release of Journey, indie developer thatgamecompany has peeled back the curtain on its new, as-yet-untitled project.

News hails from the studio’s official Twitter feed, where a trio of minimalist images were unveiled bearing the caption “thatnextgame” and little else. It’s a “game about giving,” according to one still picture, showcasing an ancient monument standing tall against an idyllic backdrop. The remaining two stills showcase a silhouette of four children holding hands, and a pair of candles.

Per Twitter:

Emotional, artistic games are essentially the life blood of thatgamecompany, but what do our readers make of these first teasers? Do you think Jenova Chen and Co. are cooking up another poignant journey in the vein of Flower and, er, Journey? Drop your early impressions below.

[Source: thatgamecompany]