PlayStation Move Games That Are Actually Worth Playing

Most PlayStation VR owners now have a set of PlayStation Move controllers. Sure, they can use them to play great games like Job Simulator (and mediocre ones like Loading Human), but there just are not a ton of great games that use the controllers yet on PlayStation 4. There’s a pretty affordable solution to that, though. We’d suggest investing $10 or less on a PlayStation Eye camera for PS3 and checking out some PlayStation Move games you may have missed.

Yes, there actually were some solid games released on PS3 that were made substantially better by PlayStation Move. The motion controller may have been a temporary bust, but it left behind a solid collection of games (and some really weird ones like Kung Fu Rider) that weren’t just mini-games (although Sports Champions and its sequel are pretty darn cool). It certainly didn’t rival the Wii’s software library, but it’s not one to be ignored either.

So, if you’re looking for more motion controlled fun then check out our list of 10 PlayStation Move games actually worth playing below!

We hope you enjoyed our look at PlayStation Move games actually worth playing. While we only put the spotlight on 10 titles, there are several others that are at least worth renting or picking up cheap. Even bad games like Kung Fu Rider offer up some entertaining laughs, and will make you question how it managed to see a retail release.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite PlayStation Move games are!

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