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Visceral and Amy Hennig’s Untitled Star Wars Game Won’t Be a Carbon Copy of Uncharted

Industry veteran Amy Hennig has reaffirmed that Visceral Games’ untitled Star Wars game won’t be a carbon copy of Uncharted.

Hennig, who co-wrote and co-directed the first three Uncharted titles, has taken point on Visceral’s licensed title, one which is currently on course for release in 2018. During an extended interview with Glixel, Hennig spoke at length about her long-term affinity with the Star Wars IP and why the studio’s upcoming third-person actioner isn’t considered to be “Star Wars Uncharted,” even if there are certain similarities between the two.

Having been overcome with awe after watching Star Wars: A New Hope, Hennig then reflected on the ways in which the franchise has made its mark on her: “There was something about it that felt completely different to what we’d seen before. It was almost like a door had opened in my head.”

On the topic of Uncharted 4 and her abrupt departure from Naughty Dog, Hennig remained tight-lipped. However, she did admit that she’s barely touched the latest entry in the swashbuckling series.

“If you break up with your spouse and they get remarried,” she says, “you don’t want to see photos of the happy couple on Facebook, do you?” She pauses, then adds: “When you’re pulling these characters out of yourself, it’s kind of twisted, in a way, to see them in the hands of someone else.”

Visceral Games’ as-yet-untitled Star Wars licensed game has been tentatively slated for release in 2018.

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