PS4 Most Popular Console on eBay During Black Friday in US

During the chaotic day that was Black Friday, PlayStation 4 consoles were selling like next-gen hotcakes. On eBay, one PS4 was being sold every 20 seconds. That’s pretty damn speedy, huh?

Looking at the competition, an Xbox One system was picked up each minute, and one NES Classic was sold every two minutes. Overall, Black Friday was a big day for consoles, but the PS4 took the crown for most sold.

Cyber Monday was a different story, however, with PS4 eBay sales slowing to one every 30 seconds. The Xbox One had picked up its pace, with one selling every 15 seconds.

Overall, during the week of November 15-22, a total of 27,000 PlayStation 4s were sold. This was surpassed by the Xbox One, of which 33,000 units were shifted. Nostalgia was also in high demand, as 20,000 NES Classics were sold.

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[Source: Polygon (using eBay DataLabs) via MCV]