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PSX 2016 – Kojima Using Horizon Zero Dawn Engine for Death Stranding

At the Death Stranding panel discussion during PlayStation Experience 2016, Hideo Kojima revealed that he’s using Guerrilla Games’ Decima engine for the upcoming title. You can catch the full panel above but if you prefer written highlights then read on.

Upon parting ways with Konami, Kojima had to forgo the technology he was using for his games (he put a lot of work into the Fox engine) resulting in his quest to look for a new engine. He “had a very good feeling” about the Killzone Shadow Fall and Horzion Zero Dawn studio after he met the team. According to Guerrilla’s Hermen Hulst, Decima has “taken a quantum leap” over the last couple of years and is more than just a rendering engine. It provides all the necessary tools for game development and, according to Hulst, ” is a statement of philosophy of game development as well.”

Guerrilla Games’ titles undoubtedly look gorgeous so we hope the partnership works out fell for both!