Festive-Themed Overwatch Comic Introduces Tracer’s Girlfriend

Reflections is the name of the new and festive-themed Overwatch comic and in it, we follow our heroes through the most hectic season of them all.

Available to peruse via Blizzard’s official site, Reflections is a heartwarming yarn in which we’re reminded of what’s really important during the holiday season, but one story arc has proven contentious for some members over on the Overwatch forums. It involves Tracer, arguably the shooter’s de facto mascot, who is revealed as canonically queer, seen here kissing her partner, Emily, upon exchanging gifts.

The Internet is reacting much as expected, and it appears Reflections is outright banned in Russia, after one Twitter user was greeted with the message: “In accordance with Russian law we cannot share this comic with our players on territory of Russian Federation [sic].” Blizzard has since provided a statement on the matter to Eurogamer, noting that it decided against releasing the webcomic in Russia “to comply with Russian legislation.”

You’ll be able to find the full webcomic through the link below:

Meanwhile, Overwatch‘s Winter Wonderland limited-time event continues apace.

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