Project Re Fantasy

First Details on Atlus’ New Fantasy RPG Emerge


With Persona 5 development finished, Atlus isn’t wasting any time starting on their next major role-playing game. The Japanese developer has revealed that their next game, which is currently being called Project Re Fantasy, will have a fantasy setting. This is a far cry from some of Atlus’ most recent role-playing games for consoles such as Persona and Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, which were set in a modern-day setting.

So far, details are scarce as more information is expected to be announced during an official Atlus stream tomorrow at 20:00 JST. We do know a bit, though, including the game’s art style which can be seen in the image above (the full artwork can be seen over at Famitsu). First off, the game is being developed by a new studio within Atlus called Studio Zero. The team features Persona veterans such as series director Katsura Hashino, artist Shigenori Soejima, and composer Shoji Meguro.

Here’s what Hashino had to say when asked about the fantasy setting by Weekly Famitsu (translation courtesy of Gematsu)

“Until now, since the time fantasy went mainstream, Atlus has dared to create series set in contemporary times and cherished its stance of aiming to counter the typical. The series works from Persona 3 an onwards are the exact products of such thought. I had always held the thought that I someday want to challenge the traditional genre and deliver a title uniquely Atlus.”

The full interview is filled with interesting quotes from several members of Atlus, and is worth checking out. We’ll know more about Project Re Fantasy soon, and will keep readers updated as Atlus continues to slowly take back the curtain. The game’s platform is currently “undecided,” but the game is being made for ” those who like home console games.”

(Source: Gematsu)