PSLS Help Desk – How to Clean a PS4 Controller

Your PS4 controller doesn’t have to be sticky or covered in dust for it to be dirty. You’d be so surprised with how disgusting a PS4 controller can get. Our hands are hotbeds of nastiness. They’re dirty to begin with, even if you wash your hands often. If your palms sweat, you’re just coating your controller in grime. If you let kids play with your controllers, they’re guaranteed to be even more disgusting than you can imagine.

Ugh, I want to clean all of my controllers just thinking about how gross they probably are.

Fortunately, giving your controller a deep clean is easier than you might think. There’s no need to take it apart and risk breaking it. All you need are simple household items that you most likely already own, and then follow the steps below.

If your buttons or analog sticks are sticky, trying cleaning the controller first before assuming it’s broken and ready for a dirt nap. Your wallet will thank you.

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