Ruckus Rumble Brings Bomberman-Style Brawling to PS4 on January 18

Supported by Sony’s PlayStation First academic program, local PvP brawler Ruckus Rumble is releasing on January 18 in Europe for PlayStation 4, developer PlaygroundSquad announced today.

Supporting two to four players locally, Ruckus Rumble is described as a Bomberman-style battler with quick and quirky sword and shield combat. Along with trap-riddled arenas, it also includes four dynamic abilities and random spawning power-ups. Game Designer Douglas Furén adds:

At its core Ruckus Rumble is a melee brawler in which the combined use of sword and shield is the primary way of battling opponents. However, each player’s arsenal is also amplified with a set of versatile abilities. Toss fireballs around to ignite opponents and landscape alike. Slam into the ground to create a shockwave and push enemies away. Use the Hookshot to traverse the arena quickly – or pull an unsuspecting enemy into one of many deadly level hazards.

Development on Ruckus Rumble began in 2013 as a nine-week project at game development school PlaygroundSquad. After those nine weeks, the students were able to present it to Sony representatives, thanks to the PlayStation First initiative. “PlayStation First supports universities and technical colleges with knowledge, know-how and PlayStation hardware, and in this case with PlaygroundSquad and Ruckus Rumble it even went further – the game is to be released on PlayStation Network,” Furén said.

Ruckus Rumble features 12 Trophies to unlock, including a Gold that asks you to “travel a long distance with the Hookshot.” There’s also some Silvers where you have to “win a match without ever hitting an opponent with the Sword” and “eliminate 3 opponents in less than 30 seconds using your Sword.”

A North American release date wasn’t given for Ruckus Rumble.

[Source: PlayStation Blog, Exophase]