ARK: Survival Evolved Update Out Now on PS4, New Content Added (Update)

Update 1/18/2017): Well, it seems Studio Wildcard sent the press release way too early, as the ARK: Survival Evolved patch is still in certification according to the studio’s Community Manager

Once we know that it’s really, really out, we’ll either update this post or just write up a new one to let you know ASAP.

Original Story: In a press release, Studio Wildcard announced that it has now rolled out an ARK: Survival Evolved update on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This latest update now brings the console versions on par with its PC counterpart v253 and is, of course, free.

The title update brings with it, two new underwater environments to explore, and five new creatures. Also of note on the PS4 title update adds the “Procedurally Generated Maps” feature which allows players to generate an infinite variety of new ARKs to experience, and has been available already on Xbox One and PC.

You can check out a detailed description of each new creature in the gallery below.

If you notice any gameplay tweaks and whatnot, share them in the comments to let others know as well.

ARK: Survival Evolved’s full retail release will be out in spring 2017.