Sniper Elite 4 Trophy List Revealed, Features 51 Trophies

Rebellion Developments’ third-person shooter Sniper Elite 4 releases next month (on Valentine’s Day because nothing is more romantic than shooting fascists in the testicles), and now the game’s trophy list has been revealed. As expected, the retail release has a Platinum trophy. This will give completionists something extra to try to achieve beyond simply beating the game.

The list is pretty lengthy, coming in at 51 trophies. Since it is a longer list, most of the trophies that can be obtained are of the bronze variety. If that’s not enough, 12 additional trophies can be unlocked in the game’s Target Fuhrer DLC. This includes a trophy for killing Hitler “with a testicle shot.”

You can check out the full details for each trophy in the gallery embedded above (POTENTIAL SPOILERS INCLUDED FOR EACH GAME), with a breakdown of the trophy amounts below:

Sniper Elite 4 (PS4)

  • 1 Platinum
  • 2 Gold
  • 10 Silver
  • 38 Bronze

Target Fuhrer DLC

  • 0 Platinum
  • 0 Gold
  • 1 Silver
  • 11 Bronze

PlayStation LifeStyle recently previewed the upcoming shooter. Writer Louis Edwards had positive things to say:

As a longtime fan of the series, the game felt great and looked even better than the last release. The new open map system should give the game more replayability with even more options for progressing towards your target and stealth kills.With familiar gameplay and new bells and whistles like perks and an adaptive AI, Sniper Elite 4 is shaping up to be a silent killer, and a worthy addition to the franchise that fans should keep an eye out when it shoots out this February 14 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.”

(Source: Exophase)