For Honor – Everything You Need to Know

February 11, 2017Written by Michael Briers


Cast one eye over Ubisoft’s 2017 slate and you’ll no doubt be able to pinpoint a familiar melange of big-budget shooters (Ghost Recon Wildlands) and RPGs (South Park The Fractured But Whole), but it’s fair to say that in 2017 — or any year, for that matter — you won’t find a Ubisoft game quite like For Honor.

Not only is does it herald the publisher’s first foray into the realm of action-strategy, For Honor is a new IP bursting at the seams with potential, and Ubisoft have stressed their desire to support the medieval actioner long after launch — not unlike the approach to Rainbow Six Siege. Slotting into the same release window reserved for Far Cry Primal in 2016, Ubisoft Montreal’s budding franchise-starter is an always-online experience wherein players are forced to swear allegiance to one of three warring factions: The Legion, The Warborn, and The Chosen.

Apollyon is baying for blood, and before you pick up arms as either the Vikings, Knights, or Samurai, we’ve pulled together a guide designed to ease you into combat.

Ready to set foot on Ubisoft’s war-torn battlefield? Not so fast! In anticipation of its PS4 launch on February 14, we’ve scoured the four corners of the internet — and the PSLS archives — to compile all the necessary information you could ever need pertaining to the publisher’s medieval actioner.

For Honor wages war across PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 14. It is Ubisoft’s first flagship title to launch in 2017, with Ghost Recon Wildlands being the second. But tell us, do you plan on picking up the publisher’s new IP at launch?

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