LEGO Worlds Release Date Pushed to March 7

Originally expected next week, LEGO Worlds is now releasing on March 7 in North America and March 10 in Europe for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It’ll be available both physically and digitally on console, priced at $29.99 USD.

On Steam earlier this month, TT Games Associate Producer Chris Rose explained why there was a slight delay: “Now I know, I said February, but as you will also know, we don’t release something unless we’re happy with it. And until this week, we weren’t happy with a few things that were keeping us from entering Certification. However, with many late nights for our dev team, we’re now happy to move ahead and make sure that the release is up to the standard our Early Access players, and ourselves, expect it to be.”

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Rose confirmed that LEGO Worlds doesn’t have a Season Pass, micro-transactions, or paid DLC. However, he did say “there’s a chance we may one day explore Premium DLC, but not for a while at least. And we won’t include Micro-Transactions. We will have news on the first content updates soon!”

Rose continued by talking about how LEGO Worlds will include two-player online and offline multiplayer at launch, and “a plan is in place to further optimize with time and look to include 4-player online features in the future.”

Here’s an overview of what to expect from LEGO Worlds:

LEGO Worlds is an open environment of procedurally-generated Worlds made entirely of LEGO bricks which you can freely manipulate and dynamically populate with LEGO models. Create anything you can imagine one brick at a time, or use large-scale landscaping tools to create vast mountain ranges and dot your world with tropical islands. Drop in prefabricated structures to build and customize any world to your liking. Explore using helicopters, dragons, motorbikes or even gorillas and unlock treasures that enhance your gameplay. Watch your creations come to life through characters and creatures that interact with you and each other in unexpected ways. In LEGO Worlds, anything is possible!

A release date wasn’t announced today for it, but the LEGO Agents DLC pack will be exclusive to PS4 for 90 days.

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