PaRappa the Rapper Creator Talks About the Game’s Creation, Development, and More in Exclusive Interview

The PlayStation 4 remaster of PaRappa the Rapper, one of the PlayStation’s timeless classics, is now available (here’s our review)and, in celebration of the game’s release, President of SIE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida sat down with the creator of the series Masaya Matsuura to talk about the game’s originas and his thoughts on the music game genre.

The interview goes over several topics such as Matsuura’s background as a musician, the origins and development of PaRappa the Rapper, the game’s release on the original PlayStation, the question of whether PaRappa the Rapper was a game or not, its reception and fanfare, and his thoughts on future music games.

PaRappa the Rapper was originally released on the original PlayStation back in 1996 alongside another PlayStation classic, Crash Bandicoot. The remaster of PaRappa the Rapper was announced for the PlayStation 4 back in December 2016 is now available on the PS Store for $14.99.

[Source: PlayStation Blog (US), PlayStation (YouTube)]