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EA Bringing More Jobs to Montreal, Investing $500 Million Over Next 10 Years

Electronic Arts will be adding 500 new jobs in Montreal and investing $500 million in the region over the next 10 years in a move to expand its operations in Montreal, according to an announcement made by the Quebec government.

According to the announcement, the company will not only be creating jobs in the area but it also “intends to help structure the industry, in particular by designing infrastructure that can be shared with the video game community.”

The announcement did not detail what that exactly means but. all in all, EA’s investments in the region, which will include staff, facilities, and other investment, will amount to the previously mentioned $500 million, which it will spend over a 10-year period.

“We offer Electronic Arts a stable, predictable, competitive fiscal framework enabling the company to move forward with this substantial expansion. This favourable environment led to the positioning of Québec as a leader in the video game industry and as an internationally recognized centre of excellence.”

EA, which has been operating in Montreal since 2004, currently has several studios running in the city including the Jade Raymond-led Motive Studios, BioWare Montreal, the studio responsible for the development of Mass Effect Andromeda, and a Frostbite development team.

[Source: Canada News Wire via]