Check Out Some New Sonic Mania Gameplay

SEGA has shared the footage above from its upcoming 2D platformer, Sonic Mania. The video’s in Japanese but you can still watch Sonic dashing through the all-new Green Hill Zone Act 2.

We were previously told that this exclusive Sonic Mania setting will expand upon the tropical setting of Act 1 with “new mechanics, obstacles, and secrets to uncover.”

SEGA says that it’s targeting long-time fans with the upcoming title. “Sonic Mania is one for fans, either because of nostalgia or for people who just love the brand, or for kids that recognize the character,” said Product Manager Jim Dyer earlier this month. He also admitted that reviving the franchise hasn’t necessarily worked in the past but SEGA hopes to do just that with its upcoming projects.

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Sonic Mania releases in summer 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Sonic Forces will follow later this year.