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74 Percent of US Video Game-Related Sales Are Now Digital

[EDIT: The title has been adjusted to better represent the data in the report]

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has released its annual report, 2017 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry, and it reveals that digital sales now account for a vast majority of video game-related purchases.

According to the report, 74% of video game-related sales are now purchased digitally. These include full game digital downloads, subscriptions to services like Xbox Live or PS Plus, DLC, mobile app downloads, and others.

The report also states that in 2016, the total spending on video-game related purchased including both games content, hardware, accessories, and VR, amounted to a total of $30.4 billion. That’s around a 74% growth in sales since 2010 when it amounted to $17.5 billion.

[Source: Entertainment Software Association via]