Ghost Recon Wildlands Narco Road DLC Launch Trailer Released

In a press release, Ubisoft revealed the first expansion for Ghost Recon Wildlands titled “Narco Road.” Now available for Season Pass owners on all platforms, Narco Road will be available piecemeal this April 25 for $14.99 on consoles and PC.

Narco Road trades in stealth and assault for subterfuge and tasks players with infiltrating three gangs of smugglers led by the elusive El Invisible. Players will have to go undercover and work their way up the ranks and earn the trust of the mysterious leader if they have any hope of bringing him to justice. Playable entirely in solo or co-op, players will have to earn the respect of gang leaders by completing brand new campaign missions and taking part in adrenaline-fueled racing challenges.

As is the norm nowadays for mutliplayer shooter expansions, a new title update is now out for Ghost Recon Wildlands that includes gameplay tweaks, new challenges and more. Full details on the update can be seen here.

Leading up to the launch of Narco Road, a new title update is now available for all players that includes gameplay improvements and introduces weekly live season challenges in the form of solo, co-op and community tasks. Players who complete these challenges will be rewarded with up to three unique in-game rewards per week. Challenges will be available through multiple seasons, each of them lasting six weeks and featuring a specific theme. In the first season, The Rise and Fall of Unidad, players gather intel on Unidad’s operations and combat the threat to the country.

With Ghost Recon Wildlands a commercial success for Ubisoft, expect more tweaks, and of course, DLC, to make its way soon.

Are you a Wildlands Season Pass owner? Are you getting Narco Road?