Shadow of War’s Nemesis System “Triples Down” on Strengthening Stories That Evoke Strong Emotions

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor introduced the Nemesis System as one of its core features, which was widely praised by users and critics alike. However, it certainly had room for improvement – something Monolith Productions will address in Shadow of War.

In an interview with PlayStation LifeStyle, the developer explained how the system has been advanced in the upcoming title by implementing lessons learned from the first game and strengthening its stories.

First, we took all the lessons from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor about what people remembered most and which Nemesis stories created the strongest emotions and we tripled down on strengthening those stories. We want people to absolutely love to hate their personal enemies. Then, we focused a lot on adding similar emotional hooks and memories to your followers, and this allowed us to create new types of stories and connections. When it gets really fun is when we have interactions between your enemies and followers, resulting in betrayals and rivalries that can be a lot like relationships between friends and brothers. It brings the world and Orc society to life in a new way. 

We’re also told that the Nemesis System will be more purposeful this time around as players build their armies and conquer Mordor.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on August 22. Stay tuned for our full interview with Monolith, which will be published soon.