Phil Spencer Clarifies His Remarks on Horizon Zero Dawn and Impact of Single-Player Games

May 1, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan


Last week, The Guardian published an extensive interview with Xbox boss Phil Spencer, in which he talked about the current state of single-player games in the industry. As service-based games continue to gain popularity, Spencer noted that titles like Horizon Zero Dawn and Zelda do well but ultimately, the audience for story-driven games is “not as consistent.” Hence, they become a difficult business decision for some developers.

Spencer’s comments were somehow misconstrued as some people thought he was undermining the success of the aforementioned games and single-player experiences as a whole. In response, Spencer took to Twitter to clarify that this isn’t what he meant.

Horizon Zero Dawn is great,” he remarked. “As an industry, we should want single-player to be healthy. Today, as a genre, we see fewer single-player [games] being built.” Spencer said he wasn’t downplaying anything and lamented those who turn “everything into console wars.” “I love playing single-player games,” he continued. Interestingly, he also revealed during one exchange that Sony sent him a Collector’s Edition of Horizon Zero Dawn.

The Guardian’s interview with Spencer is quite comprehensive so it’s worth a read for some insight. You can find it here.

[Source: Phil Spencer (Twitter)]