PlayStation vs Xbox Console Wars Fan Film in the Works

A fan film entitled Console Wars – The Beginning is currently in the works and running a Kickstarter campaign until the start of July. It is a feature length fan film depicting the war between PlayStation and Xbox.

Here’s the overview of the film’s story, from its Kickstarter page:

In a universe where consoles are re-imagined as planets, while games are re-imagined as sectors, the events in the sector known as Olympus changed the world of Playstanea (Playstation) forever.

Kratos had slaughtered all the Gods of Olympus, beings that once held control over the elements of the entire planet. 

The world descended into elemental chaos without gods to control them,  forcing survivors from different sectors of Playstanea to band together. The survivors were powerful, confident and selfish; the perfect character traits sought by Calypso, who finds great entertainment in bloodshed.  

Calypso offers Kratos, Cole Magrath, Colonel Radec and Sweet Tooth a chance at escaping the death of Playstanea, while manipulating them towards a hostile invasion of a neighbouring planet, Exbor (XBOX). 

Overwhelmed by the warriors of Playstanea’s unbelievable strength, Master Chief and Cortana seek the help of heroes from other sectors of Exbor to join the defence of their world.

The film is being produced by aspiring filmmaker and YouTuber Nick Sapwell, who created the MK Roomies YouTube video series, and here’s what he had to say about Console Wars – The Beginning:

This film takes a unique angle, as it follows the perspective of Playstation warriors in this first Season, written in this story arc to be the ‘evil’ protagonists. Should we make it to Season 2, I plan to write it from the perspective of the ‘good’ antagonists.

Console Wars may look serious, and there is an ‘epic’ aspect to it, but there will be generous doses of humour and gamer references to keep the entertainment light hearted and fun!

I want to make you laugh, I want to make you smile and I want you to enjoy watching this film as much as I am making it. But most of all, at the end, I want only one thought to remain in your heads: “That was awesome!”

Console Wars – The Beginning currently doesn’t have a release date but its Kickstarter campaign will have until July 3, 2017, to reach its goal of £20,000. Check out the trailer for the fan film above.

[Source: Console Wars – The Beginning (Kickstarter)]