Special Delivery Is an Arcade-Inspired Newspaper Delivery Game Coming to PSVR on June 6

From Meerkat Gaming, arcade-inspired newspaper delivery game Special Delivery is coming to PlayStation VR on June 6. A price wasn’t announced for PSVR, but it’s $9.99 USD on Steam.

While Special Delivery is “designed exclusively for VR with motion controllers,” the PSVR version will only support the DualShock 4 and VirZoom bike at launch. “We weren’t happy with the [PlayStation Move] tracking and performance,” Meerkat wrote on Twitter. Asked about the PSVR Aim Controller, Meerkat replied, “We have not tried the Aim yet! That could be interesting :).”

Here’s the description for Special Delivery:

Dodge cars, dogs and tornadoes as you grow your subscriber base and expand your paper route in this arcade inspired newspaper delivery game.

An Interactive Environment

  • Become the terror of the neighborhood and gain bonus points for smashing lawn gnomes, knocking over trashcans, blow up barbecues, and breaking the windows of non-subscribers!

Gameplay Features

  • Arcade inspired scoring and progression
  • Traps including cars, dogs, tornadoes, grannies and more!
  • 28 Rounds. Progress through 28 game days unless you lose all your subscribers before then!
  • Four neighborhood sections. Route expands into a new section each game week.

What do you think of Special Delivery?

[Source: Steam, Meerkat Gaming (1), (2), Special Delivery; Screenshot is from the PC version]