Leaked Star Wars Battlefront II Footage Reveals Gameplay and Appearance of Palpatine

Star Wars Battlefront II is shaping up to be pretty massive and it looks like it’s getting even bigger and more significant as it looks like Emperor Palpatine will somewhat be making an appearance.

New footage of the game has been leaked online showing a bit of gameplay as well as revealing that the red-caped figure in the game’s reveal trailer are one of Palpatine’s Sentinel droids, humanoid droids he had created to disseminate messages to specific members of the Empire in the event of his death.

The trailer also showed what looks like some early footage of gameplay including what looks like combat inside a rebel ship as well as a droid electrocuting a rebel soldier. A second of motion capture work as well as unfinished cinematic footage was also included.

EA is planning an official gameplay reveal for Star Wars Battlefront II at the company’s Play presentation at E3 so the leaked video could be part of that. We’ll just have to wait until then to confirm if Palpatine is making a comeback in the game’s new trilogy story.

Star Wars Battlefront II is scheduled for release on November 17 for the PlayStation and other platforms.

[Source: Unreal SjS (YouTube) via VG247]