Report: Troubled Mass Effect Andromeda Development Talks About Issues With Frostbite, Internal Conflicts & More

Mass Effect Andromeda has probably been one of the biggest video game disappointments this year, with its huge array of problems both creatively and technically. And in a new article on Kotaku, we’ve been given a glimpse behind the game’s rocky development.

According to the article, the development of Andromeda suffered from multiple challenges including a directorial change, major re-scopes, technological challenges, issues with the usage of the FrostBite engine, office politics, a lack of manpower, and more.

While the article covered many of the issues that hounded the game’s troubled development, this was one that stood out:

Pre-production on Mass Effect: Andromeda was a tale of two cities. Several people from the team described 2013 as one of the best years of their professional lives and 2014 as one of the worst. Whereas 2013 was full of possibilities for the developers of Andromeda, 2014 was full of politics.

At the end of it, one person who worked on the game (all the statements included in the article are presented anonymously) said this in the article:

At a very high level, even though the game was in development for five years, Mass Effect: Andromeda was just trying to do too much with too few resources.

You can check out the entire article here to get a good glimpse of what might have happened during Andromeda’s creation and eventual downfall.

[Source: Kotaku]