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E3 2017 – Monster Hunter World Will Feature Cross-Region Multiplayer, Up to Four-Player Drop-In Co-Op

One of the more surprising announcements at Sony’s E3 press conference is the unveiling of Monster Hunter World, the first game from the monster franchise to hit the PlayStation 4. And following its announcement, Capcom Community Manager Yuri Araujo has released a few details on the upcoming game’s multiplayer features on the PlayStation Blog.

According to the post, Monster Hunter World will have a “simultaneous global launch window” so the Japanese and Western releases of the game will either happen on the same day or very close to each other. The game will also feature cross-region online multiplayer, allowing players from around the globe to play together.

It was also revealed that Monster Hunter World will allow up to four friends to play together with drop-in/drop-out functionality, allowing friends to just jump into each other’s games to help with the hunt.

Yuri Araujo also mentioned that the Monter Hunter World development team have improved upon the gameplay systems that the series is known for although no details regarding the improvements were shared.

Monster Hunter World is scheduled for release sometime in early 2018 for the PlayStation 4 and other platforms.

[Source: PlayStation Blog (US)]