Phil Spencer on VR: This Isn’t “the Time to Be Competitive in This Space”

Speaking to Giant Bomb during an E3 stream, Phil Spencer once again shared his thoughts on virtual reality, and said that consoles aren’t fully ready for the technology yet. “Long term, I’m a big believer in the category,” he explained. “In the family room environment, we’re probably a few years away from it being able to really work.”

Targeting the lack of a wireless solution as a problem, as well as the amount of hype and lofty expectations surrounding VR, Spencer argued that Microsoft has to “moderate the temperature a bit around where we are and not tell people this is the year of VR.” He also thinks that this isn’t the right time for competition in this space and he’d rather take time learning about the technology first.

“We’re saying let’s stay more on the PC where we are seeing action and developer interest until we really get the art form of what it means to create great MR (Mixed Reality) experiences, and then it can go to more places,” he continued.

It sounds like Xbox VR isn’t coming anytime soon despite PlayStation VR gaining momentum. Sales of Sony’s VR device have now topped 1 million.

[Source: Giant Bomb via Polygon & MCV]