Raphael Colantonio Is Stepping Down as President of Arkane Studios

The president, co-creative director, and founder of Arkane Studios has announced that he’ll be leaving the company. Raphael Colantonio posted a short message on Bethesda.net, stating that he’ll be leaving to “spend some time with [his] son,” and to “reflect on what is important to [him] and [his] future.”

Colantonio recounts the great moments he’s had over the past 18 years:

I’ve lived many magical moments. I’ve also been through the hard times. But, I can say that joining ZeniMax took things to the next level and gave Arkane the opportunity to emerge as a world-class studio. ZenIMax enabled us to make the best games that we’ve ever made. And I know there is even more to come.

He leaves Arkane Studios with his best wishes:

I wish the best to everyone at Arkane, Bethesda, and ZeniMax. Without a doubt I will miss everyone.

As I close, I’d like to thank the Arkane fans for their passion and support. I proudly join them as Arkane Studios’ biggest champion, and I look forward to playing the extraordinary new games the studio is working on.

You can read his full message over at Bethesda.net.

[Source: Bethesda]