Couch Co-Op Twin-Stick Shooter Circuit Breakers Hits PS4 & Xbox One on July 25

Originally expected in February, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Circuit Breakers will release on July 25, Triverske and Excalibur Games announced today.

Available on PC since 2015, Circuit Breakers is a Smash TV-inspired couch co-op top-down twin-stick shooter. The PS4 version supports up to four players locally, while the Xbox One versions supports up to six players locally.

Here’s what to expect from Circuit Breakers’ gameplay and modes:

Use a mighty array of devastating weaponry, and rack up combos and upgrades to inflict maximum mayhem on the deadly robot army. Fight your way through the army’s massive manufacturing plant, either as a lone agent, or with friends in up to four player co-op, across all game modes. Choose from multiple Circuit Breakers operatives, such as Tay and Shelby.

  • Tug of War – The unique weapons of Circuit Breakers have unlimited ammo, but are powered by crystals – ones dropped by enemies after being killed. The more crystals you pick up, the more powerful your weapon. But be cautious, as the more you shoot, the faster your crystals drain, and the weaker your weapon becomes.
  • Arcade Mode – Shoot your way through rooms full of robots – varied enemies, and daunting boss fights make sure that you’re entertained all the way up to your inevitable demise. While there’s usually too much robotic pressure for the team of Circuit Breakers to enjoy the view, environments are randomly chosen from a large pool of hand-crafted levels. This mix between procedural generation and hand-designed levels means that you’ll always be fighting in varied but carefully-crafted environments.
  • Score Attack – Chain together kills and build upon your combo, in a number of set scenarios. These put your skills to the test, and present new challenges, such as completing the levels as fast as possible. Get competitive with your fellow Circuit Breakers, by battling them for a place at the top of the online leaderboard.

A price for the console version of Circuit Breakers wasn’t given but, going by the Steam price, it should be under $10.

[Source: PlayStation]