Warren Spector Says Nothing Much Has Changed in AAA Gaming

Legendary game designer Warren Spector spoke to IGN recently about the current state and future of AAA game development and he revealed that he doesn’t care about the future of AAA gaming. He said the AAA gaming space is filled with a lot of “same old, same old, with prettier pictures,” attributing to the high cost, large teams, and big risks, that are indicative of AAA game development.

Warren Spector said that indie games are where creativity still thrives and where game development is still improving. He said that with the large number of ways to make video games and the large number of ways to reach audiences that anybody is capable of making “the game of their dreams,” referencing his experience with creating his own dream game, the original Deus Ex.

Warren Spector is the creator behind the original Deus Ex game, which has gone on to be considered multiple times as one of the greatest games of all time and one of the genre-defining titles of the FPS/RPG genre.

[Source: IGN (YouTube) via Twinfinite]