Nidhogg 2 Launches This August on PS4, New Art Style Explained

Nidhogg creator Mark Essen announced over at the PlayStation Blog that Nidhogg 2 will release August 15 on PlayStation 4. Gamers will be able to pre-order the highly anticipated sequel on July 18, which features several additional weapons, and an entirely new art style. The original game, which featured an Intellivision-inspired style, became a multiplayer hit when it released in 2014.

One of the most interesting differences about the upcoming sequel is how it looks completely different than its predecessor. Essen discussed the reasons for the change in his post. Here’s what he had to say:

I had been experimenting with 2D bone animation programs, which allow you to independently animate separate body parts instead of redrawing entire character sprites. This makes it infinitely easier to combine things like fencing footwork, various upper-body stances, and weapon types. Plus, it means you can swap out the sprites without breaking the animation.

It seemed silly to use all this potential on pixelated stick figures. So, instead of minimalism, why not try out some maximalism? Animated faces, sweet outfits and hairstyles, bustling environments – the doors had swung wide and Nidhogg 2’s visual style was born.

Essen certainly has a love for extremes, and it seems like his take on maximalism is paying off. We had positive things to say about the new art style in our hands-on preview of Nidhogg 2 from last year:

Since Nidhogg 2’s gameplay is all about chaos, it’s quite fitting that the game features a drastically different art style. Gone is the minimalistic spritework that gave Intellivision flashbacks, having been replaced with some monstrous artwork by Toby Dixon. The sequel is ugly, but in the best of ways. Every character looks gross, every environment looks like the worst place to vacation, and the entire aesthetic can be best described as disgusting. That said, it totally fits the vibe of the game, and I can’t imagine it having a different look.

Nidhogg 2 releases August 15 on PlayStation 4. Pre-orders will begin on July 18

(Source: PlayStation Blog)