Hellblade Will Run at 1440p on PS4 Pro in Enhanced Resolution Mode

Hellblade 20

Last week, Ninja Theory revealed that PS4 Pro users would be able to select between two modes in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, a 6ofps mode or an enhanced resolution. When they originally announced this feature there was no indication of what the higher resolution would be, but in an interview with WCCFTech, Ninja Theory’s Tameem Antoniades confirmed that Hellblade’s resolution will by 1440p in this mode on PS4 Pro.

Digging further, they asked about HDR compatibility, which will not be supported at launch. “Not at launch but it is on our wish list as we would love to see what it can do for a game like this that focuses so much on image quality,” Antoniades said.

Ninja Theory also talked about Hellblade’s difficulty modes on Twitter. The default difficulty mode will be adaptive, changing as you play to maintain challenge but also ease up if it’s too difficult. If you don’t want the game to adjust, there will also be easy, medium, and hard difficulties to select from.

If you need any more reasons to hop aboard the hype train, we released ten reasons why you should be excited for Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, including a very friendly price point, the way that it tackles the issues of mental health, a photo mode, and binaural audio design.

Now that we know what the Hellblade PS4 Pro enhancements are, will you be playing Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice with the higher frame rate or better resolutions when it launches on August 8th?