Dino Frontier’s Songs Are Hilarious and Catchy, Listen to All of Them Here

Dino Frontier is a charming little VR game that allows you to play Big Mayor over a small town in the Wild West. The catch? Dinosaurs roam this land. It’s the ultimate mashup, and it’s helped along by a charming Old Western soundtrack. The highlight of this soundtrack is the narrator of the game — the voice guiding you through the ins and outs of Dino Frontier — singing songs at various points. He’s got a couple of full length ones, and some short little silly ones on the loading screens in between different areas.

As I played the game for my review, I tried to capture each of these songs, and I’m pretty sure I’ve got the full collection up there in that video. Be warned that this does include the two songs sung during the ending, both the beginning of the boss fight and the end credits. I’d call these very minor spoilers, as the story isn’t exactly the riveting part of Dino Frontier, and it doesn’t include how the Bandit King meets his end.

After you listen to the music, make sure you read our review, where I said that “Dino Frontier is an impeccably charming adventure, one that feels like physically playing with a bunch of cowboy figures and plastic dinosaurs.”

“Dino Frontier is a sim builder. As Big Mayor, a hilariously appropriate name given my godlike nature looming over the town, I used the Move controllers to simulate hands, building the town up from an empty plot and helping my settlers harvest resources. It’s the classic gameplay loop of a simulation builder game, but virtual reality makes it feel more like playing with an Old West play set, one that got mixed in with the plastic dinosaurs. Instead of separating out the different toys, someone’s imagination said “let’s put a cowboy on the back of a T. Rex and see what happens.” Being able to zoom into the environment and become the same size as your settlers, or zoom out to a bird’s eye view is something I can’t do with my toys though, and it’s a delight to see the detail they’ve put into the objects and animations at a macro level.”

What did you think of the Dino Frontier songs?