Dino Frontier Launches on August 1 for PSVR, Pre-Order to Save 20%

Announced at PlayStation Experience 2016, Dino Frontier from Uber Entertainment (Wayward Sky) is releasing digitally on August 1 for PlayStation VR, priced at $29.99 USD/£29.99. By pre-ordering Dino Frontier through the PlayStation Store, you’ll save 20% off the regular price (if you live in Europe, you need to be a PlayStation Plus member to get the discount).

Requiring two PlayStation Move controllers, Dino Frontier sees you building and managing a frontier settlement as the Big Mayor. Since the world is a combination of the Wild West and Jurassic era, you’ll be tasking Settlers with harvesting food, chopping lumber, training dinosaurs, and more.

Co-Director Forrest Smith added:

We’ve strived to push the boundaries of VR interaction. There’s no other game like Dino Frontier. Reaching down into a vibrant world to pick up tiny people is a magical experience.

We offer innovative camera controls that are both powerful and comfortable. You can zoom in, zoom out, pan, and rotate with ease. Clever interactions provide detailed information without overwhelming UI.

Of course Dino Frontier wouldn’t be complete without dinosaurs! There are no horses or bison in this world. Instead you’ll be training settlers to capture velociraptors, ankylosauri, the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex, and more.

According to the PlayStation Store, Dino Frontier will be 1-2GB.

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