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A Dark Cloud Revival is Out of Level-5’s Hands

With so many franchises that were long thought to be dead getting new entries, players have undoubtedly gotten their hopes up for some of their favorite IPs to get the revival treatment, as well. Level-5’s Dark Cloud series is on a number of gamers’ lists, and since the first two titles have made it to the PS4 as ports, many have wondered if Dark Cloud 3 is a possibility. However, the decision to revive this IP is not up to Level-5.

This was revealed during a Polygon interview with Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino:

“There has been a lot of requests and voices to create a Dark Cloud 3 or some form of Dark Cloud,” Hino told Polygon. “That IP is co-owned or managed by Sony Computer Entertainment, so it’s not something that we can do or act upon on our own.”

That doesn’t mean it isn’t happening ever, but having Sony co-own the IP does make for developing a new game much harder.

But at least the older games are a lot easier to get a hold of and play now. If you’re interested in the original Dark Cloud, go ahead and read our overview of the port to see how this PS2 game holds up:

I was impressed with how much fun I had playing through this old title. The combination of a handful of different kinds of gameplay still holds the attention like any unique and well-rounded game.  The game overall has aged well. I don’t expect lovely sparkling graphics from a PS2 game (notably a very early PS2 game), nor smoothly perfect controls. The soundtrack is still great 15 years later. The combination of game mechanics seems to be ahead of its time. Everything still comes together to be an enjoyable game.

Are you still hoping for a Dark Cloud revival?

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