Zhou Yu, Sima Shi, and More Return as Dynasty Warriors 9 Characters

Koei Tecmo Games have revealed four more returning characters in Dynasty Warriors 9 on their official website. From right to left, they are Zhou Yu, Sima Shi, Ma Dai, and Zhang He.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Characters

Zhou Yu (courtesy name Gongjin) of Wu is a very close friend to Sun Ce to the point that they become sworn brothers. He is famous for not only his very handsome face but also for his ability to lead his troops to numerous victories as a commander. He also has many talents in literary and music. Although he has a fluent demeanor, he is actually very zealous inside. Zhou Yu mainly uses a staff, a weapon that has been assigned to him since Dynasty Warriors 6.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Characters

Sima Shi (courtesy name Ziyuan) is the first Jin Kingdom character introduced in Dynasty Warriors 9. The first son of Sima Yi, he has elegant looks, abundant wisdom, as well as dignity, so he was expected to have a bright future. However, he has a downside of being self-righteous, so people around him might end up seeing him with fear and awe.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Characters

Ma Dai, who does not have a courtesy name, is Ma Chao’s cousin who was first added in Dynasty Warriors 7. They survived Cao Cao’s slaughter Ma Teng and other members of the Ma clan, and after Cao Cao occupied their territory, they eventually went on to serve the Shu Kingdom. Although Ma Dai is a worldly wise man, he speaks in a cheerful manner. He is trusted by Zhuge Liang and would become an important general in the fight against Cao Cao’s Wei Kingdom.

A shocking fact seen in this announcement is that Ma Dai is losing his iconic Brush weapon from Dynasty Warriors 7 and 8, and he is instead shown with Twin Axes here.

Dynasty Warriors 9 - Zhang He

And last but not least, we also have the return of the elegant Zhang He (courtesy name Junyi). Formerly a general under Yuan Shao, he surrendered to Cao Cao after getting defeated and would rise up in his ranks to become one of the five Wei Great Generals. He is a warrior with a gentlemanly manner and glossy appeal. He is interested in not only martial arts but also in writing and music.

As with Ma Dai, Zhang He is also losing his iconic Claws and is instead getting Throwing Knives as his main weapon.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will be a PlayStation 4-exclusive game in Japan, but the West will also see it coming to Xbox One and Steam. There are no release dates announced yet.

[Source: Koei Tecmo]