PSLS Live: Destiny 2 Raid Live Stream – Enter the Leviathan (Offline)

September 13, 2017Written by Chandler Wood

Destiny 2 raid live stream

Today is the release of the Leviathan Raid, Bungie’s first raid for Destiny 2. We’re there as the gates open to bring you a resurgence of PSLS Live with our Destiny 2 raid live stream. I’ll be gathering five people that I’ve been playing Destiny with for years as we attempt to take on the challenges that await us inside the Leviathan. We’ll probably pick up some pretty sweet loot along the way. You won’t want to miss a moment of it. The festivities kick off at 10 AM PST, and we’ll be going until we either complete the raid or hit a wall that– scratch that. We’ll be going until we complete the raid. As Parappa would say, “You gotta believe!”

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This is the big moment that millions of Destiny 2 players have been waiting for. Our full scored review is going live within the next couple of days, but meanwhile you can read our review-in-progress, which does not include any endgame impressions.

As much as I talked about exploration of the EDZ, a lot of those comments can apply to the other three worlds as well. Each feels well stocked with secrets tucked away in corners and meaningful rewards for playing on them. Lore being entirely in game now means that scannable objects in the world tell the story, and hitting L2 on a piece of gear extends a lore tab to get a bit of history on that particular piece of armor or gun. I’d highly recommend seeking these out anytime a Ghost icon flashes in the upper right corner of the screen. Every bit of lore will be both interesting for new players and rewarding for the old Guardians that want to learn more about this world without light.

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