A Fireteam Has Already Completed the First Destiny 2 Raid

September 13, 2017Written by Elizabeth Henges

destiny 2 raid

Yes, you’ve read that right–mere hours after Destiny 2’s first raid went live, it has already been conquered by a Fireteam. This is pretty surprising considering that the original Destiny’s first raid took a while for players to surmount. Clan The Legend Himself was the one to defeat the raid, which is a fitting clan name for the first to knock out Leviathan!

Bungie revealed the news via Twitter:

Learn a bit more about Leviathan and Destiny 2’s raids:

Destiny raids require a six person fireteam and cannot be matchmade. This means that you need to gather a group of five other people or take to LFG (looking for group) sites in order to complete them. Destiny 2 guided games seeks to resolve this by letting solo seekers team up with clans that are willing to sherpa–or guide–them through the raid. Guided games aren’t quite live yet though. Bungie is going through a beta process to see how their unique approach to matchmaking for endgame content will work.

Our Destiny 2 review has been awaiting this day. After we’ve made a proper attempt to discover Leviathan’s secrets, we’ll be publishing a full and scored review that takes all aspects of the game into account.

There’s also our review in progress:

“Eyes up, Guardian,” my Ghost says as he and I regain the favor of the light. The line is a callback to the moment my Guardian first awakened in the original DestinyDestiny 2’s opening moments sees the destruction of everything we know and love as longtime Destiny players. The Tower is in flames, people we know are scattered and missing, and perhaps worst of all, the power that I’ve known for the last three years has been stripped from me. These somber moments are ones I’ve talked about at length before, the imposing Dominus Ghaul managing to do what even a Hive god and time traveling robot could not.

You can also watch Chandler’s stream of Leviathan!

Have you had any luck getting through Destiny 2’s Leviathan so far?

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