WRC 7 Is Racing Towards a Release, Watch the Release Trailer

There have been quite a few racing games releasing recently, but you better make room for another! WRC 7 is heading to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 26, and Bigben Interactive has released a launch trailer for the upcoming racer. WRC 7 is the official game for FIA’s World Rally Championship.

Here’s the launch trailer, which clocks in at almost 15 minutes:

We have an E3 preview of WRC 7, make sure to give it a read:

There are a lot of racing games out there, everything from hyper realistic driving sims like Project CARS 2 to the super arcadey titles like Crash Team Racing (I really, really love me some Crash Team Racing). When I saw Project CARS 2, I made note that I am not very into driving sims. I can respect the tech that goes into them, but I’m really bad at the nuance these games require, ending up driving on the shoulders and ramming into walls. I worried when went to see WRC 7 that it would be much of the same thing, that I would spend a lot of time driving in the dirt and wrecking my car.

The benefit of rally cars in real life is that they already drive in a very arcadey manner in real life, so translating them into a game, even ultra realistically, makes for the arcadiest driving sim that you can imagine. Now that’s not to say I didn’t still spend a lot of time driving in the dirt and wrecking my car. Turns out it’s pretty much all driving games that I’m bad at, so there’s a little self-discovery that went along with this preview.

WRC 7 will release September 26 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.