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Paragon Update v43 Is Out Today

The latest update to the free-to-play MOBA Paragon is out now, and with it comes a whole slew of changes to heroes as well as the game in general. According to developer Epic Games, things like an auto-run feature, an end game cinematic, and new maps have been added into the game for players to enjoy.

The update itself is pretty big (8.3 GB on PC and 5.69 on PS4), so players may want to set aside some time to get it up and running on their respective platforms.

You can find some of the release notes below, and check the rest of them out at the main hub for the update:


  • Aurora
    • Glacial Charge
      • Cast speed has been increased
      • No longer briefly delays before beginning the dash
    • Hoarfrost
      • Cast speed has been increased
      • Radius increased from 400 to 440
    • Cryoseism
      • Cast speed has been increased
      • Initial Application Radius increased from 700 to 850
        • Secondary Explosions are the same size
  • Belica
    • Seismic Assault
      • Damage reduced from 88/140/192/246 to 82/129/176/222
      • Power scaling reduced from 1.88 to 1.67
  • Drongo
    • Shrapnel Cannon
      • Corrected an issue which could sometimes cause the knockback of this ability to fire incorrectly direction if target was on the edge of the targeting wedge
    • Old Rusty
      • Now bounces off of Steel’s Bulwark instead of being absorbed by it


  • Towers receive a  full visual rework
  • Removed Amber Link
    • Replaced by the green buff camp.
    • Previous green buff camp location has been replaced with an additional white camp.
  • Gold Drip
    • Increased passive gold drip per minute from 288 to 390.
    • Increased the speed at which drip is granted from 5 second intervals to 1 second intervals.
  • Hero Kill Bounties
    • Increased base hero kill bounty from 455 gold to 550 gold.
    • Reduced hero kill bounty networth bonus from .01 to .006.
      • Networth bonus is how much the bounty increases for every 1 gold the enemy Hero has earned.
    • These changes will result in increased economic value of early game kills, while reducing late game totals.

Paragon is out now for PC and PlayStation 4.