Fighting Game GUTS Coming to PS4 in 2018

Flux Game Studio, an independent game studio based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, has announced that their upcoming fighting game GUTS (Gory Ultimate Tournament Show) will be launching for the PlayStation 4 in Early 2018. The game is already expected to launch on PC in mid-November, but will now be coming to the consoles soon after.

As you can tell from the trailer above, GUTS isn’t your normal fighting game. Billed as a more “radical” fighter, GUTS eliminates health bears and timers, instead forcing players to dismember their opponents by using GUTS Moves and other over-the-top environmental hazards. The fight doesn’t end until one player is completely dismembered, so even taking a limb or two off is not enough. GUTS boasts 9 different characters as well as full online and local multiplayer, party modes, and a single-player mode with 18 different endings.

“The fighting game community has been looking for something to shake up the genre, and GUTS provides an opportunity for them to experience a game that offers new ways to compete against opponents,” said Paulo Luis Santos, Founder of Flux Game Studio. “At the same time GUTS allows more people to try their hand at the genre thanks to the elimination of high barrier to entries that exist in other fighters. We love fighting games and want to give others a chance to play one without needing to know all the moves or having to worry about being outmatched by opponents.”

For more information on the upcoming fighter, check out below, courtesy of Flux:

The genre-changing game features a dual-layered combo system that makes it easy to play so that someone new to fighting games may button-mash their way into dismemberments, while simultaneously allowing more seasoned fighting-game fans to perform amazing combos and difficult move sets and play at a professional competitive level.

GUTS launches for PC on November 15, but is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in Early 2018.