Rabi-Ribi ps4

Rabi-Ribi is Now Available in North America

Deceptively difficult 2D sidescroller Rabi-Ribi is finally available in North America. The game came out in Europe in September, but it’s now available for US gamers. The game has players controlling a bunny-girl named Erina, and the combat is reminiscent to a bullet-hell shooter.

To see the game in action, check out the Rabi-Ribi PS4 gameplay trailer below:

For more on the cutesy looking, yet very difficult, game check out our Rabi-Ribi review. Here’s what our reviewer had to say:

If you’re into pixel art, Rabi-Ribi provides a feast for the eyes. As distasteful as I found some of the characters’ designs, I couldn’t help but enjoy how they rendered in chibi sprite form. Along with the environments and bullet effects, they provide a blast of nicely animated, highly varied color that looks just great on PS4. Having just played and enjoyed Sonic Mania, too, I’ve got to hand it to developers for blowing through the tired stereotypes about pixel art being “dated” and creating some games that are truly fun to look at. It’s a shame I can’t say the same about the soundtrack, which is a mix of cheerful, but ultimately bland and unmemorable techno. With some backtracking both necessary and encouraged, this is a game that could have greatly benefited from a catchy OST to lend another layer of immediate recognizability to the various locales (not to mention incentive to return, as I often find with the excellent soundtracks of other Metroidvania games).

I was happy to find that Rabi-Ribi was, on the whole, a totally unexpected and delightful discovery for me on PS4. While I wasn’t enthused by what I initially saw in trailers and such, I found myself happily proven wrong by the actual content. Exploring the bright and colorful world is a blast, especially when there are so many different (and fun!) items to collect and customize your heroes with. Plus, a number of varying difficulty options and a willingness on the game’s part to accept different play styles make certain that just about anyone who enjoys the Metroidvania, bullet hell and/or RPG genres can find something to enjoy here.

Rabi-Ribi is now available worldwide.