Media Molecule Says Dreams News Coming “Soon” After Paris Games Week No Show

Sony had a surprisingly busy press conference during Paris Games Week 2017, but there were a couple notable absences. One of these was Media Molecule’s ambitious PlayStation 4 title Dreams. The game has been away from the spotlight for quite sometime, and it not being shown in Europe led to some fans speculating the worse about the next game from the LittleBigPlanet studio.

Thankfully, fans can rest assured that development on Dreams is still going on. Media Molecule went to Twitter after the press conference to congratulate all the developers that showed off their games during the press conference. They then went to say that “those amazing trailers are getting us extra excited to share news soon.” They finished the Tweet with a #DreamsPS4 hashtag, so clearly some more news on the game is coming sooner rather than later.

Check out the full Media Molecule statement on upcoming Dreams PS4 news below:

While there hasn’t been much recent news about Dreams, Media Molecule co-founder and technical director Alex Evans recently talked about some tech breakthroughs the team had on Twitter. Here’s what Evans had to say:

A while back we stumbled on making entire Dreams game code one simple vcproj, with everything just included as source. Only prebuilt dependency is PS4 SDK; 3rd party source included in [project] is Dear IMGUI plus a few single file [libraries].

Every previous project I’ve worked on (including earlier iterations of Dreams) has had various ‘engine’ [libraries], non-vendored 3rd party dependencies & its just constant minor friction in the IDE/tools. So much better as one single big [project].

Dreams will release exclusively on PlayStation 4.