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Call of Duty: WWII Collectibles Guide – All 33 Memento Locations

Call of Duty: WWII has 11 missions, and each one has three mementos to collect, for a total of 33 collectibles in the game. It’s quite easy to run through the entire campaign without ever finding one of these if you aren’t looking, so our guide is here to help you grab every single one as you play. The guide is broken up into each mission, listing the three mementos available Once you collect the memento, there is no need to finish the mission or reach a checkpoint. The memento is saved the moment you pick it up. Use this guide while you’re playing through the campaign to get them all, or as a clean up guide when you go back through with chapter select.

Call of Duty WWII Mementos Location Guide – All Collectibles

Mission 1 – D-Day

Memento 1 – Nazi Knife

-After you breach the seawall and you are running through the trenches, don’t leave the trenches by turning left up the stairs at the end. Continue forward to the small bunker and you will see the knife stuck into a log in the bunker.

Memento 2 – Compass

-You will be tasked with clearing five bunkers. Clear the third bunker but do not enter the fourth. Back track to the path between the second and third bunkers. A green door will now be open and inside this small room, on a chest near the back, is the compass.

Memento 3 – Pathfinder Patch

-Destroy the artillery gun (Red will light up a helmet full of thermite). After it is down, check the small barn by the gun. The patch is in the back of this barn.

Mission 2 – Operation Cobra

Memento 1 – Lighter

-When the mission starts, turn immediately to the right. Walk over to the two soldiers talking by the barrels. The Lighter can be found on one of the standing barrels behind them.

Memento 2 – Pocket Watch

-Reach the area with the AA gun. On the left side, check inside the shack to find the pocket watch. Make sure you don’t get on the AA Gun or you won’t be able to grab this one.

Memento 3 – Gas Mask

-Take out the artillery and continue to push forward with your tanks. On the right side of the bunker in front of you, you’ll find a corpse with the gas mask on it.

Mission 3 – Stronghold

Memento 1 – SS Pin

-Clear out the church and head to the right of the ammo crates inside. There will be a small alcove in the wall near the broken floor with the SS Pin to pick up. Look along the ground if you are having trouble finding it.

Memento 2 – Locket

-When the mission begins, there will be a house in front of you. Head upstairs in the house and face a child’s bedroom. On the left is a small ledge you can walk along. There will be a mirror on this ledge with the locket hanging from the side of it.

Memento 3 – Fuel Canister

-After you are forced out of the church, head to the right side when you are defending against the waves of Nazis. The fuel canister is green and near the frontlines on the right side. Don’t head down the stairs all the way. It is behind the sandbags as you begin to go down the stairs.

Mission 4 – S.O.E.

Memento 1 – White Rose Poster

-When you start the mission, leave the first house and turn left. Back by the cars you will see a plant pot near the house with the collectible inside.

Memento 2 – Dog Collar

-When you get to the house with the burning pile in front of it, head inside and all the way to the back. Look on a cabinet to the left to find the dog collar.

Memento 3 – Rocket Blueprint

-This is just before the end of the mission. When going through the train wreckage, right after ducking underneath the train car, head straightforward and to the right side (do not go up the hill to the left, it will end the mission). On some crates here you will find the collectible.

Mission 5 – Liberation

Memento 1 – Liquor Bottle

-Place the explosives on the Northern Gate then immediately turn around and pick the lock of the door on the right. Go right once you enter to find the stairs. In the first room upstairs, you’ll find the liquor bottle.

Memento 2 – Propaganda Poster

-At the start of the mission, once you enter the building, head straight down the hall, then to the right to get to the bathrooms. The poster will be on the floor of one of the toilet rooms.

Memento 3 – German Medal

-After you plant both bombs, you’ll switch back to Red to assault the Nazi garrison. Just after you push over the bridge filled with sandbags and other blockades, run straight ahead to find the medal on a crate.

Mission 6 – Collateral Damage

Memento 1 – Music Sheet

-Just after the tank driving section, you’ll be pushing up a narrow street to get to the hotel. Keep an eye on the left side after you round a corner. You’ll see a piano with this collectible sitting beside it.

Memento 2 – Cigarette Box

-Inside a house where you can save a soldier by shooting a Nazi, there are two holes blown into the walls. Go through the hole on the right and climb the rubble to get upstairs. Turn around and get the cigarette box that is sitting on the fireplace mantle.

Memento 3 – Hotel Pen

-After blowing up the wall of the hotel and entering, head through the first doorway on the right. This is a hotel reception area, and the pen is under the desk on the far side of the front desk area.

Mission 7 – Hürtgen Forest

Memento 1 – German Flare Gun

-When you come to a small clearing area with two trucks, head behind the second truck (the one further to the right). The flare gun will be on a crate near the back of the truck.

Memento 2 – Food Container

-Just after you see the dead pilot hanging from the parachute in the tree, you will be attacked by a dog shortly after. Once the dog is dead, look to the left for the nose of the plane. This collectible is in the pilot’s seat.

Memento 3 – US Army Rations

-When you need to go into the tower and eliminate the sniper, at the top of the stairs behind you will be a metal beam you can jump to. You’ll need to jump from the top of the stairs as if you are going down them, but hug the left wall to land on the beam. Turn around once on the beam to find the rations.

Mission 8 – Hill 493

Memento 1 – Bill Fold

-After memento 2, you’ll go through a metal door and leave the trenches, as soon as you go up and leave the trench area, head to the left to find a bunker. The collectible is sitting in the window sill area outside of the concrete bunker.

Memento 2 – Pipe

-In the trenches, when you get to the first artillery that you have to destroy, face it and turn right. You’ll see this collectible in a small cutout in the sandbags.

Memento 3 – Journal

-At the start of the mission, when you have to escort the engineer up the hill with the pole charge, you’ll see a stump in the middle of the hill with a dead soldier beside it. The journal is on the ground next to the soldier.

Mission 9 – Battle of the Bulge

Memento 1 – Camera

-At the very start of the mission when you are given the ammo box, you’ll see three soldiers standing next to a rock. The camera is on the rock just behind them.

Memento 2 – Comic Book

-After delivering the ammo box underneath the Christmas tree, immediately look to the right, directly opposite the tree. The comic book will be on the ground right there beside the small makeshift bunker. You’ll barely need to move to pick this one up.

Memento 3 – US Wings Medal

-Just after the flying portion, you’ll be defending the area against a bunch of enemies. Turn to the right and head up behind the front line. There is a small makeshift bunker here covered by a green tent. The medal is inside a crate beside this small bunker area.

Mission 10 – Ambush

Memento 1 – Magazine

-There are multiple ways that you can enter this area. No matter how you enter, you’ll be heading to the right side of the base. There are two hangars here. In the second hanger, on a crate in the middle next to a lantern, is the collectible.

Memento 2 – Silver Flask

-Just after you snipe to protect Pierson, you’ll see a red building in front of you that is the barracks. Head inside, and on the right wall, on one of the desks, is the flask.

Memento 3 – German Wings Medal

-You’ll enter a large concrete tower labeled B2. Once you enter this tower, do not go up the stairs. Look to the right to get this collectible on some crates.

Mission 11 – The Rhine

Memento 1 – Canteen

-This one is in the first tower you enter. After going up two sets of stairs, this canteen will be on the ground in the middle of the room.

Memento 2 – Beer Stein

-Inside the second tower you enter, after going up the first set of stairs, the stein is sitting on a table.

Memento 3 – Letter

-Go up the second set of stairs in the tower to find the letter on a small box near a pillar in this room.

Collecting every collectible will earn you the Pieces of History trophy, putting you one step closer to getting your Call of Duty: WWII Platinum.

Credit to PowerPyx who helped find a few of these that I was missing.

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