Middle-earth: Shadow of War is Getting a Ton of Free DLC This and Next Month

Warner. Bros Interactive announced today that Middle-earth: Shadow of War will be getting a ton of free updates later this month and in early December. These updates will aim to add new ways for players to continue the battle for Mordor.

Additionally, release dates have been set for the already announced Slaughter Tribe Nemesis Expansion and the Outlaw Tribe Nemesis Expansion, and players can expect those out November 21 and December 12, respectively. In order to get those, players can pick up the Season Pass for Shadow of War for $39.99, or pick up the individual DLC’s as they release for $14.99.

As far as the fans that were excited for the free content updates, Warner Bros. Interactive hasn’t forgotten about them. Available on November 21 will be three updates to the game, bringing to it an Endless Siege mode, a Rebellion mode, and an Enhanced Photo Mode. The Endless Siege mode has players defending your fortress against Sauron’s forces, while the Rebellion mode has players trying to crush the rebellious Ologs and Uruks in your ranks.

While those three updates are nice, there’s still more coming to the game, and on December 5, the game will get an Online Fight Pit that lets players challenge another player’s Orc follow to a fight to the death in the arena to earn rewards and upgrades. On December 12, the game will get even harder for fans as a new difficulty tier, Brutal, is unlocked.

For a full look at the free content coming to the game this year, make sure to check out below:

  • Endless Siege – Defend your fortresses against Sauron’s forces as the Dark Lord tries to reclaim Mordor in the Endless Siege. (Available Nov. 21)

  • Rebellion – Crush the rebel Ologs and Uruks in your forces as they seek to undermine the Bright Lord. (Available Nov. 21)

  • Enhanced Photo Mode – Capture every battle and siege and apply new filters, frames and textures with the Enhanced Photo Mode update. (Available Nov. 21)

  • Online Fight Pits – Challenge another player’s Orc follower, Overlord vs. Overlord, to a fight to the death in the arena to earn powerful rewards and upgrades. (Available Dec. 5)

  • Brutal Difficulty – A new higher difficulty level even more challenging than Nemesis with no last chances. (Available Dec. 12)

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is available now.