David Cage Discusses How Old Tech Demo Paved the Way to Detroit: Become Human

Earlier this year, the folks at Quantic Dream revealed third lead character in the upcoming Detroit: Become Human. Kara, the android that stars in the latest gameplay trailer for the title, was actually born way back in 2012 via a tech demo. Taking to the PlayStation Blog, David Cage looked back on the tech demo and how far the company – and game – have come since then.

According to Cage, Quantic Dream goes into each game by first developing an entirely new engine for it. The objective of this, says Cage, is to push the envelope as far as the studio possibly can in order to give their fans the best looking game possible. Per Cage, the evolution of Kara to Detroit illustrates that progress perfectly.

With the amount of data the team captures and the level of technology today, the team is able to capture details for Detroit that had never been able to be done before. “We have developed a muscle simulation system, a wrinkle simulation, a shot by shot lighting rig to have soft and detailed shadows, real-time translucency…and many other technologies that you may not see but that play an important part in the impression you get playing the game,” he explained.

When it came to discussing how the Kara tech demo changed the capture system when it came to Detroit and Beyond: Two Souls, Cage said that the quality of acting performance in the Kara short was so good that the company continued to improve their capture system. “We also greatly increased the area in which we could capture: working on Kara, we were capable of shooting one actor in performance capture in an area of 2 meters square; on Beyond it was four actors in 9 meters square, and on Detroit we were able to shoot six actors in 16 meters square.”

There’s a ton of other useful information over at the PlayStation Blog, and the entire video and look back from Cage is certainly worth the read. You can check out the full discussion by heading over to the PlayStation Blog.

Detroit: Become Human is set to release sometime in 2018.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]