Detroit: Become Human Exceeds 5 Million Copies Sold Following Steam Release

Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human has achieved another impressive sales milestone. The title now sits at more than five million copies sold across all platforms, a feat managed one month after its Steam launch.

An October 2019 announcement counts as the last update about Detroit: Become Human’s sales. At the time, Quantic Dream celebrated 3.2 million units sold on the PlayStation 4 alone. The futuristic adventure then released on PC via the Epic Games Store in December 2019, before landing on Steam in June of this year.

Detroit: Become Human originally released in May 2018 for the PlayStation 4. It quickly became Quantic Dream’s fastest-selling title, moving more than two million units in just five months. Such success marked the beginning of a pivotal change for the Paris, France-based development studio.

Early in 2019, the company received an investment from NetEase, the Chinese internet company. Essentially, this level of support allowed the game developer to go multiplatform. By March of that year, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit were on track for PC releases via the Epic Games Store.

After stepping away from its second-party relationship with Sony, Quantic Dream established itself as an independent studio earlier this year. From here on out, the team plans to self-publish its own projects. The company also intends to help fund the works of other creators.

Apart from bringing pre-existing projects to new platforms, it’s unknown what the team is working on. However, Co-CEO David Cage has teased that “many, many exciting new projects” are currently in the works. Quantic Dream will have more to share on this front sometime soon, Cage additionally noted.

[Source: Quantic Dream via Gamasutra]