Detroit: Become Human Sold 2 Million Copies and Is Quantic Dream’s Fastest-Selling Game

Congratulations are in order, as Sony has revealed that Detroit: Become Human has sold two million copies on the PlayStation 4. This impressive number, alongside its only being on the market for five months, makes Detroit Quantic Dream’s fastest-selling title to date.

PlayStation’s official Twitter account announced the news. Shortly thereafter, Quantic Dream responded to the celebratory tweet with one of its own, making note of Detroit’s being the studio’s fastest-selling game. The tweets are featured below:

That Detroit: Become Human is a benchmark for Quantic Dream, with regards to sales, is no secret. It even made waves on Japanese sales charts. In the weeks following its May 2018 release, Detroit was announced as having sold faster at launch than 2010’s Heavy Rain. With two weeks under its belt, Detroit moved one million units on PS4. Heavy Rain took five weeks to achieve the same sales milestone. At this rate, it’s possible Detroit is on track to outsell Heavy Rain’s lifetime total of just over five million.

For those yet to try Detroit, or any of Quantic Dream’s three better known projects, a recently released bundle has made things a little more convenient. In Quantic Dream Collection, available digitally and in-stores, consumers are able to grab Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human for $39.99. Whether sales of these bundles factor into units sold figures of individual games remains to be seen.