Detroit: Become Human Sales on PS4 Eclipse 3 Million Units Worldwide

According to Quantic Dream, Detroit: Become Human recently reached a new sales milestone. On the PlayStation 4, the title has moved a total of 3.2 million copies worldwide. The developer announced the news on its official Twitter account, complete with an image that makes note of the current count of copies sold.

See the post in question in the following tweet:

This is an impressive feat for the studio. The last official count for Detroit: Become Human’s sales had the figure at approximately two million, which made it Quantic Dream’s fastest-selling title. Since this number was logged in December 2018, it means Detroit moved another one million units or more in about 10 months on the PS4.

Sales of the sci-fi experience are undoubtedly on track to pick up once the game hits PC as Quantic Dream intends. For now, the PC release date for Detroit: Become Human remains in the wind. However, it is expected to land on the platform sometime this fall.

At present, it remains unclear as to what kind of project Quantic Dream plans to develop next. Unlike the studio’s last few outings, whatever the game may be will not release solely on PlayStation hardware. Earlier this year, the French studio unveiled plans to go multiplatform, following an investment from the Chinese internet firm, NetEase. In the months that followed this somewhat surprising news, Quantic Dream redesigned its logo, announced a  desire to self-publish future projects, and spoke of wanting to publish games across a wide variety of genres. With all of the above in mind, the studio’s future is bound to be quite an exciting one.