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Quantic Dream’s Co-CEO Unveils Studio’s New Logo

In a post on Twitter, co-CEO of Quantic Dream, Guillaume de Fondaumière, has unveiled the studio’s new logo. If you are unfamiliar with Quantic Dream, the studio has made games such as Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human. Over the years, Quantic Dream has gained quite the reputation for itself, becoming a household name in the hearts and minds of many. It tries to focus on games with stories that offer multiple choices and are filled with characters to interact with along the way.

Quantic Dream also announced on Twitter that each of these games (which were previously exclusive to PlayStation consoles) are making their way to PC this summer! Now players who want to get their hands on these titles, who don’t own either a PS3 or PS4 are in luck. Preorders are available on the Epic Games Store now.

Check out the new logo in all its glory!

Quantic Dream saw a ton of critical success in 2018 with Detroit: Become Human, which quickly became the company’s fastest selling game to date. The game features three playable characters, each with their own story to complete. However, things can go south for any of them if the player makes a wrong decision. These decisions will have consequences and, as such, a playthrough and its subsequent ending will vary from person to person. Choose wisely too, because those choices could result in the death of the character you are playing as, not just those around them.

The game’s story focuses on three android characters. Connor, an advanced prototype sent to the Detroit City Police Department to assist them in investigations involving deviant androids. Kara, a housemaid who will stop at nothing to protect her owner’s daughter, Alice. The third and final protagonist, Markus, is a revolutionary who will decide whether the fate of the deviant androids will be violent, or peaceful. Due to its many different decisions and outcomes, Detroit: Become Human has an insane level of replayability, which the game will lay out for you at the end of each chapter through a flow chart that shows all of the possible choices and consequences that you may have missed.

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